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Kristen is available in person or virtually to motivate and inspire early childhood educators to embrace play in their environments.  Below are a few of her most requested topics.  Fill out the form on the bottom of this page if you are interested in seeing Kristen's full speaking fee schedule!

Yes, Yes, Yes.

Saying yes can be a lot harder than saying no. However, when you say no, you are taking away valuable learning experiences for the children in your care. Learn why saying yes is important and how to easily flip a NO to a giant YES! 

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Attention Seeking or Connection Seeking?

Relationships are the foundation of a developmentally appropriate early childhood experience. Learn to take off your adult goggles and see their behaviors as a way of communicating their deeper needs.

The Quarterbacks Coach and the Hummingbird

What do these two have in common? Both are characteristics of a play facilitator in a play based, child led program. Learn the role of the adults in a play based, early childhood environment.

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I Am Not Getting Them Ready For Kindergarten

Let's challenge society's favorite phrase, "ready for kindergarten". Children deserve childhood and when we rush from one stage and are always pushing through to the next, we miss the stage the children are currently in. Learn to embrace childhood in the age the child is in NOW. Get them ready for kindergarten by not getting them ready for kindergarten. 

They Can't Learn with an Itchy Butt

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs lets us know that children can't learn with an itchy butt or an absence of relationship with their caregiver. Learn to apply Maslow to your everyday interactions with young children. 

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Break Up with Calendar Time

There are many things that happen in early childhood environments that are not developmentally appropriate for the age of the children. Learn why breaking up with calendar time (among many other things) will lead to a happier, calmer, more enriching environment for you and the chidlren in your care.

On Demand Staff Trainings

If flying Kristen out to your event or program is not an option but you would love to infuse a little motivation and inspiration into your next PD day, check out out Kristen's On-Demand training bundle!  Play and participate at your own convenience!


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Process art, not making children say "sorry", meeting standards through play, AND she loves to coach programs that are opening soon to create child-led environments.  Contact her to create the perfect workshop or training for you and your staff.

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