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Kristen is available in person or virtually to motivate and inspire early childhood educators to embrace play in their environments. Below are a few of her most requested topics or newest workshops. Fill out the form on the bottom of this page if you are interested in getting Kristen on your calendar! Click on the image to to the right to download Kristen's full speaking menu and associated fees.

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 Learning Without Centers**

Early childhood educators often think that learning centers are one of the best ways to teach young children. These centers are often rotated between and include math, science, and literacy activities among other things. Kristen (and the amazing thing called the brain) has found a better way. Play. In this workshop, Kristen will show the attendees what play looks like and how play is learning through a series of stories and videos!

**Each attendee will receive a virtual "swag bag" from Kristen containing an Ebook with over 30 PlayLabyrinths to spark creativity and curiosity in their early childhood environments. Each attendee will also receive a digital copy of Kristen's Daily Check-In Guide.

Play Detectives**

Let's go on a stakeout for learning. Oftentimes play is overlooked because worksheets and assessments are easier to show the adults outside of the early childhood classroom the progress a child is making. But there is a better way. We can let children play and suss out the learning to show the other adults the learning taking place through play.

**Each attendee will receive a virtual "swag bag" from Kristen that contains pdf and google drive resources for documentation.

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Cabinet of Curiosity & Creativity

Kristen starts with a showcase of the contents of the Cabinet of Curiosity, then attendees will have time to interact with the materials and create their own play. Attendees will learn the benefits of curious and open ended materials, understand how play schema drives behaviors in early childhood and walk away with SO MANY NEW IDEAS.

Each attendee will receive a virtual "swag bag" from Kristen containing an Ebook with over 30 Creativity Labyrinths to spark creativity and curiosity in their early childhood environments.

I Am Not Getting Them Ready For Kindergarten

BECAUSE I AM GETTING THEM READY FOR KINDERGARTEN BY LETTING THEM HAVE 3, 4, AND 5 YEAR OLD EXPERIENCES. Let's challenge society's favorite phrase,"ready for kindergarten". Children deserve childhood and when we rush from one stage to the next, we miss the stage the children are currently in. Learn to embrace childhood in the age the child is in NOW. Kristen will share stories and research to inspire the audience to slow down and trust play.

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They Can't Learn with an Itchy Butt

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs lets us know that children can't learn with an itchy butt or an absence of relationship with their caregiver (or any other unmet need). Learn to apply Maslow to your everyday interactions with young children. After all, we often forget we are caregivers first when working with young children, teachers second.

Yes, Yes, Yes

Saying yes can be a lot harder than saying no. However, when you say no, you are taking away valuable learning experiences for the children in your care. Learn why saying yes is a way to meet the needs of each child, why saying yes propels learning, and how to easily flip aNO to a giant YES!

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On Demand Staff Trainings

If flying Kristen out to your event or program is not an option but you would love to infuse a little motivation and inspiration into your next PD day, check out out Kristen's On-Demand training bundle! Play and participate at your own convenience! Click here!