Camp Renegade Play Virtual Day Camp is enrolling now!

A bite size dose of Camp Renegade Play at your fingertips for 48 hours!  July 12 and 13, 2022!  Six hours of professional development is FREE and the topics are varied! Head here to find out more and to enroll in camp!

Hi!  I'm Kristen.

Preschool teacher turned early childhood education content and knowledge entrepreneur!  I am your shoot for the stars, always trust your cape, kick in the pants, hype girl.  I am here to support early childhood educators in their journey to add more play to their teaching practice.  As an added bonus, I also help early childhood educators with marketing strategies to level up their own side hustle, because let's face it, we are one of the most underpaid professions, EVER.

Introducing Camp Play: Orientation Edition!

Let Kristen train your new staff (or seasoned staff person) in all things play based learning.  This digital course will have your new hire drinking the play kool-aid in no time.  For less than $100, Kristen will do the work for you so you have more time for other things and peace of mind that you new hire will be on their way to embracing play! Click the image for more info!

Get my free, 17 page guide to documentation in the early childhood classroom!


resources for every stage of your journey

Kristen offers courses on starting a program, play based learning & content entrepreneurship!
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Staff development days, virtual zoom trainings, conferences, workshops in the USA and abroad, Kristen offers many different types of speaking and training options!

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Letters for parents/guardians, documentation guide, wall print downloads and more!

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the newest course!

Create the life you dream of.

Kristen has created a six-step blueprint to help early childhood entrepreneurs get on their way to making passive income!  It is in a beta testing phase right now but you can get in on the action if you act fast (before October 31st, 2021)!

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camp PLAY!

This digital course helps early childhood educators move from a more traditional approach to early childhood education to a play-based, child-centered approach.

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