Free the Glue Party!

Get fresh ideas, tips on managing the mess, and how to free the glue economically!

A Pre-recorded training

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Do you know the world economic forum suggests that creativity is one of the number one skills that employers look for in 2024! But only 2% of adults have held onto their creativity through childhood. Why? Control!


This pre-recorded Free the Glue party addresses adults' need for control and why we need to say YES to glue play and glue experiences!

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You Can Create A Place Where Children Can Free the Glue

Learn how and why to free the glue on a pre-recorded 2 hour zoom party with Kristen RB Peterson.

  • Learn why you need to say YES to glue play and glue experiences
  • Tips on how to contain the messiness to help you with your own needs 
  • See how to set up a “glue table” and glue space in an economical way
  • Get ideas to add to your learning space right away
  • Learn why adults need control and how that shows up in our work with children
  • Snag a BONUS Free the Glue eBook

I'll help you let go of your worries!

During the Free the Glue party, you'll learn how to help children learn what's too much glue, how to clean up easily, and ways to make your glue stash stretch.

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What you get for just $37…

  • 2 hour pre-recorded training with Kristen RB Peterson sharing all her tips and tricks to free the glue
  • an opportunity to listen in to the Q&A (it's likely others have the same questions as you!)
  • access to the recording after for as long as it lives online
  • a certificate for 2 hours of professional development
  • a BONUS Free the Glue eBook packed with ideas and materials to use ($37 dollar value!)

What are you waiting for?? 

I'm in!

Free The Glue: A Virtual Party!

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Are You Ready To Let Kids Take Control of Their Own Glue Use?

This 2-hour pre-recorded webinar will teach you all of Kristen's tips and tricks to free the glue. Everything you need to know to let kids learn how much glue is too much glue! You’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize when adult control is taking over and how to say YES
  • Why to say YES to glue play and experiences
  • Contain the messiness
  • Set-up a "glue table" in an economical way

With a simple shift in your mindset and lots of ideas, you can start freeing the glue right away!

Let's do this!

This Party Is For You If...

  • You know that glue can be a great medium for process art but are held back by your own need for control of the mess
  • You worry about cleaning up the mess
  • Worry children will use ALL the glue every day and you wan't have any left
  • Want new and fresh ideas for glue play
  • Want a space dedicated to glue play, but don't know how to set it up in an economical way
Yes, I want in!

I'm Kristen RB Peterson


The founder of a play and nature preschool in central Minnesota, USA and a former dot-dot-not-alot glue teacher. In my time teaching and learning alongside preschool age children, I learned to release control of the glue and allow children to lean in to the magic of glue play!





What's included

  • a 2 hour pre-recorded zoom 
  • access to the brief Q&A after the party
  • a PD certificate for 2 hours 
  • a BONUS Free the Glue eBook packed with ideas for glue play and materials to use
  • access to the recording for as long as it lives online
I can't wait!