A free mini-course!

This digital course helps early childhood educators begin their journey to a more play based learning environment by giving them the basics of play! This is a FREE course that includes 7 videos, multiple PDF handouts, and a certificate of completion.

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Curious about loose parts?

Grab this guidebook to introduce you to loose parts. Find out the main characteristics of loose parts and all the benefits of using them. Get some inspiration and start adding more loose parts to your space. It includes ideas for young toddlers and children that mouth objects.

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Play Schema Guide

So often people ask me for more information about play schema. Have you heard about these play patterns, but you are not exactly sure what they are or how to support children with them? I pulled together a variety of information including podcast episodes, images, and a brief video about them!

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Looking for a play based program?

Use this questionnaire to get some insights into the play-based nature of a program, school, or classroom. Maybe you're looking for a new place to work or somewhere for your own child, this can help you gauge the program's understanding of young children's needs and development.

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Wondering how to plan in a play based classroom?

I get asked all the time for what the daily schedule looked like at the play based nature preschool I founded. I decided to offer you a sample daily routine you can model your day after. Along with is a blank planning template. Remember planning is about following the children's interests based on your observations of their play!

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Free - 17 Page Documentation Guide

Learn what documentation is and the steps to effective documentation in your early childhood environment. Download the guide now!

Download 5 letters to adults about play!

Risky play, Kindergarten readiness, creativity, stages of play and intrinsic learning.  Kristen created these letters so you can spend more time with the children and less time defending your practice.

Download these prints and put them on the wall in your classroom!

Supporting turn taking, voluntary sympathy, social and emotional support!  These prints will give you some ideas and phrases to say when working with children!

Grab these lists for some fresh new ideas!

We have put together some lists for you with materials to add to your outdoor space, things to bring inside from outdoors, messy play ideas, sensory table fillers, cutting pool fillers and an interactive song list! Grab your lists here!