I Have Been Waiting For This!

There is so much information out there  about play based learning and you want all your staff to be trained on the same things in the same way.

You don't have time to spend training EVERY new staff member in on the basics of play, why play, the necessity of play, what play is, the stages of play...  Not to mention all the other things like not sharing, risky play, rough and tumble play and the list goes on.

You can get all your staff on the same page when you sign then up for Camp PLAY - Play Based Learning Orientation!

Hire a new staff member and let Kristen take care of the play based learning orientation!

Camp PLAY was designed to help early childhood educators transform their practice from dabbling with play, to fully play based.  From teacher directed to child centered. From stressful and structured, to relaxed and magical.

This is a self-paced, digital course that your new team member will have access to for 30 days.  Access to the course materials begins immediately when you enroll.  You can pick and choose the modules you would like them to watch or listen to based on your timeframe and your program's needs.

Your staff will learn the foundations of play based learning, the nuts and bolts of a play based learning environment, the adult's role in the environment and so much more! 


This course had given me the confidence I needed to shout PLAY from the rooftops!!  The content was fun and easy to follow, even with a busy schedule.  I love connecting with like-minded educators, which was truly an invaluable part of the experience!

The Play Based Learning Masterclass has been such an amazing experience!  Kristen gives you so much information in an organized fashion that makes sense and isn't overwhelming.  I was able to do this course at my own pace so I didn't have to sacrifice family time to complete it.  I loved that I was able to have a "TROOP" of people that are all on a play based journey and are able to share resources and support each other.  Kristen created a safe learning environment where people can ask questions and get advice.  I am on my way to being a better teacher for my kids and I have let go of my worries about what other people think because I am now armed with knowledge and research that supports my practice.

You could build the early childhood classroom or program you've dreamed of with staff that are all on the same page with play.

You could take some of your time back that you spend training and use that time for other things?

You could leave for a week and know that your staff can hold down the fort because they all have had the same training when they started?

You could give your staff  the confidence to fully implement play based learning and give children a magical childhood.

I need this for my staff!

Nine years ago I was teaching preschool in a traditional program.  I was overwhelmed with planning and prepping and teaching AT children.  I struggled with behavior management, and fitting in all of the letters of the alphabet and getting kids to sit still at circle time.

Then I found play.  I leaned in.  I learned and reflected and implemented.  I created a preschool in my community that gives children the most magical childhood.  


In the process of starting my own program, I was overwhelmed with all of the information out there about play based learning.  I didn't know what to implement and when to implement it.  I spent the last 8 years gathering and implementing and here I am now...

I did the work for you so I could be here to guide you through your journey.

Trust me in training your staff!  I know that you will be glad that you have a team that works together to create a magical place for childhood!


 you want each classroom to uphold the same play based learning philosophy

save money on training costs because you don' have to spend your time and energy doing it!

 you want more time to concentrate on other things that need your attention

 you want a program or classroom that supports brain research by all team members


I've read enough!


the definition of play, what play is and what it isn't, the foundations of early childhood and the power of relationships in a play environment


indoor spaces and outdoor spaces, how to facilitate play through the classroom environment, loose parts, open ended materials and more

The Adult's Role

documentation, planning, assessment, supporting turn taking, risk taking, voluntary sympathy, rough and tumble play and communication


supporting children with time, space, freedom, a yes environment, process art, creativity and movement

Earn your badges in play based learning foundations!  Meet the OG influencers of play theory, discover what play is, the stages of teacher development, developmentally appropriate practice, play schema and the stages of play.

The bulk of your badges will be earned in this stage of camp!  You will learn what it means to be a play facilitator, the essential daily elements in a play based program, why TIME is one of the most important indicators of success in a play based program, planning for play, mythbusting what a 'teacher' looks like in early childhood, documentation, communication with grown ups, loose parts, the indoor and outdoor environments and planning for play!

Once you have earned your badges in base and play camp, you will become a junior counselor!  In this part of camp you will learn strategies to create a truly child centered approach to early learning.  Turn taking, voluntary sympathy, power play, circle time, clean up time, social and emotional support, and confronting your own bias to truly see children for the whole people they are.  

The canteen is where you find all the goodies... Access to Kristen's parent handbook, parent letters, conference forms and assessment tools based on early learning benchmarks, planning tools, ideas for all the areas in your indoor and outdoor learning environment and the Camp Trail Guide for PLAY!  PLUS MORE!

Camp PLAY: Play Based Learning Orientation includes:

  • 10 years of experience and personal research compiled into powerful, bite size chunks
  • 30 days of access to the video and lesson library with over 32 training videos (pick and choose which lessons fit your staff training needs for your program)
  • access to all of Kristen's program handbooks, play handouts and assessment forms (choose to use them, or not! They are here if you find value in them)
  • a 50+ page pdf Camp Trail Guide (workbook) for your staff to use to take notes as they work through the training
  • a completion certificate totaling 24 hours that can be used for professional development hours (you will have to get it approved in your area of the world).

Camp PLAY: Play Based Learning Orientation


30 day access for 1 staff person

  • 10 years of experience and personal research compiled into powerful, bite size chunks
  • 30 days of access to the video and lesson library with over 32 training videos
  • access to all of Kristen's program handbooks, play handouts and assessment forms
  • a 50+ page pdf Camp Trail Guide (workbook)
  • a completion certificate totaling 24 hours!
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