A Letter From Coronavirus to Parents Everywhere

Apr 12, 2020

Hey guys,

I know you probably don't want to hear from me.  I'm all you've been hearing about every day for the last month.  I'm the reason your children aren't at preschool or school or child care.  I'm the reason you might not be working right now.  I'm the reason you are all at home, for endless hours, for weeks at a time. 

But I really think you will thank me some day.  I think that I may have convinced you to take a look at life, at a day in the classroom, or a day at work.

I think you may have heard that "busy" is the new "I'm good" when someone asks you how you are or what you've been up too.

But, did you ever wonder what it would feel like to slow down and not say "busy" or "overwhelmed".  Well, I hope you know now.  It feels good, doesn't it?

I was hoping that by forcing everyone to stop all the things that aren't essential that I could show you life "on the other side of busy".

I wanted to show you what it feels like to do puzzles and play games together.  Sit at the table and eat a meal together.  Rally around small businesses to support one another instead of compete.  Go for a walk or explore outdoor places you've never had the time to visit.  Take time to talk.  Really talk.  Long conversations.

Sure, there may be some things that you or your children are missing.  But I really wanted you to feel Slow.  Get rid of schedule.  Get off of the freeway of a busy life and sit in Slow.

Slow is a gift of time.  Time is what we all want more of.  And now you have it.  How do you feel?  

Before I came for a visit, many families felt the need to enroll their children in every possible thing at young ages so they weren't left behind on the soccer field or in the hockey rink.  Then they go to dance or gymnastics on the off nights all while fitting in the homework and meltdowns in between.  Is that exhausting?  I am hoping that I had a hand in giving you some insight on what it feels like in Slow.

Control over children is what many adults feel is needed in life.  What if we dropped the control?  What if you took some time to ask your child how they really feel in Slow to find out if returning to Busy is what they really need?  

Can you cut out one thing?  Can you give Busy the break it needs?  Can you sit in Slow?

I was realizing that children are stressed.  Families are stressed.  The Busy was taking control over all the people.  Anxiety and depression in children are at an all time high.  Maybe if families sit in Slow after I leave, some of those things will start to decline.  

Slow leaves time for boredom.  Which leads to curiosity.  Which leads to discovery and creativity and learning.  I want you to enjoy it.  And then when I leave, enjoy it some more.  

Not see you later yet, 


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