FREE Play Based Learning Webinar for Early Childhood Educators!

SCOUT Out Your Play Based Practice: Five Pillars of a Play Based Program

A LIVE webinar hosted by Kristen RB Peterson, play advocate, trainer, content creator, podcaster and play based preschool founder.

Learn the 5 Pillars

There is NO guide or curriculum for play based learning so many play based educators often feel overwhelmed and like they aren’t doing enough.  However, there are some essential pieces that every play based program should have in order to create a successful environment for young children.  Come to the FREE webinar to find out what these 5 pillars are!

Tangible Strategies and Free Resource

Leave the webinar with some tips, ideas and strategies you can start to implement right away! AND, when you watch the webinar (live or replay) you will get a FREE Play Based Learning Environment Checklist that you can use to audit your program/classroom/environment for play (you will only receive this link verbally, during the webinar, so pay attention and make sure you have a pen handy!)

Link to Replay

Can't make it on September 29th?  You will get a link via email of the replay within 24 hours of the webinar!

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