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January 27th-30th, 2022

Camp Renegade Play is a FREE, 4-day virtual conference to help early childhood educators go from hesitant to confident when implementing the unconventional, yet developmentally appropriate, characteristics of play into their environment.

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Here is your chance to gain knowledge from over 15 experts over the course of 4 days!

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✔️know risk is a necessary part of growth and development but don't know how to best support risk taking in your environment.

✔️see the value in rough and tumble play but don't know how to communicate why there is a preschool fight club ðŸ˜‰ in your classroom.

✔️know calendar time is not developmentally appropriate for young children but are unsure how to eliminate it without a side eye from administration.


✔️know process art is the way to go but parents are still expecting craft projects that are "cute" to hang on their refrigerator.

✔️ want to better be able to communicate to parents about play when they ask, "How will they be ready for Kindergarten if all they do is play?"

✔️ want to allow time for children to play outdoors in all types of weather but are unsure how to manage all this entails when it comes to outdoor clothing and pleasing parents/guardians.

Over the course of four days, we will dive into the unconventional aspects of play based learning. Our speakers will cover topics that are most misunderstood and questioned by parents, caregivers, educators and administration. We will take a deeper look at topics such as:

  • risky play
  • weapon play
  • rough and tumble play
  • gender expression
  • process art
  • all-weather outdoor play
  • elimination of calendar time
  • supporting movement in the classroom
  • YES environments
  • elimination choice charts and behavior charts as a way to manage children.
  • AND 👏 So 👏 Much 👏 More!
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I am your troop leader for this virtual summit!

My name is Kristen RB Peterson and I started my play based learning journey over 10 years ago.  I STILL struggle with letting go of what the typical, traditional preschool teacher "should be".  I've noticed that many other play based educators also struggle with fully adopting and embracing the unconventional aspects of play even when we know they are developmentally appropriate.


Join me at virtual camp and we can work together to bust through our fears and fully lean into play based learning once and for all.


Camp Renegade Play will run from January 27th-30th, 2022 with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.



The comfort of your own couch!  Or bed, or office, or even in your car on your way to work. You can tune into the virtual summit from anywhere with Internet access.


Presentations will be 20-60 minutes in length and will be available for 24 hours to encourage you to take action along with thousands of other play based learning educators.

Community Campfire

You will also have access to a private Facebook group for the summit where we will be partying it up before the summit starts and working together to lean in fully to renegade play topics once it kicks off!


As a camper, you will have the chance to win cool swag based on engagement BINGO and giveaways.  Entries are being awarded right now in the Facebook group!  Don't miss out!


Become a VIP camper!

After registering, you can also upgrade to gain access to the VIP Camper All Access Pass.  That means you will get access to the presentations for ONE year as well some great speaker added bonuses!

Camper All Access Pass Holders will get a ticket to watch the LIVE (via Zoom), world premiere of The Renegade Play Camp Skit starring Kristen RB Peterson, Samuel Broaden and Willy Villalpando!

We will wrap up our virtual camp together with an impactful, hilarious and perfectly timed skit that will leave you ready to take on the world! 

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Keynote - Sally Haughey

Founder and CEO of Fairy Dust Teaching

Heather Shumaker

Author and National Speaker

Samuel Broaden

Author and Child Development Consultant

Chazz Lewis

Parent / Teacher Coach


Emma Tempest

The Play Coach


Rae Pica

Early Childhood Consultant and Author

Kisha Reid

Early Childhood Educator / Advocate

Greg Santucci

Occupational Therapist, Founding Director Power Play Pediatric Therapy

Mariana Carazo

MA. Curriculum and Teaching

Ade Hofmann

Observation & Nature Play Expert


Willy Villalpando (Mr. Willy PreK)

Early Education Advocate


Carol Garboden Murray

Author, Director, Early Childhood Educator 

Heather Bernt-Santy

Speaker and Podcast Host, That Early Childhood Nerd

Ashley Jefferson

Early Childhood Enthusiast & Play Advocate

Vienna Code

Early Childhood Educator & Advocate

Denisha Jones

Director, Art of Teaching Sarah Lawrence College



Assistant Professor, Counselor

There are a lot of early childhood summits, trainings and workshops out there.  So what makes this one different? 

✓ First, this summit was created specifically with child centered, play based educators in mind.  This isn't a general knowledge summit.  Every single presentation is specialized to help answer your questions on the most renegade, rebellious, unconventional characteristics of play.  

✓ Camp generally involves a lot of games so we thought it was only fitting to add interactive games to the summit!  You can win cool camp swag and free resources!

✓ What other summit ends their weekend with a camp skit?  Singing by your camp counselors included.

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