Always Trust Your Cape

May 06, 2021

Always Trust Your Cape,

Kristen RB Peterson

If you have ever received an email from me, you may have seen my signature line.  This phrase has been near and dear to me for about 7 years.  I came upon the song “The Cape” by Guy Clarke and instantly felt connected to the lyrics.  It describes the life of a person from childhood to old age and the risks they took, always trusting their cape when they needed it the most.

I have trusted my cape.  And done some pretty epic things.  But, the cape song is not about me.  It is about you.  It is about the children we serve.  It is about your wild heart that yearns to be free.  It is the wild  inside of each of you ready to be heard.  It is the hero that will stand up for my child, your child and everyone’s child.  The hero that will fight for their right to a childhood filled with wonder, discovery, inquiry, and total cape magic.    

The children in my program receive a special flour sack cape when they leave us to head off to the world outside our magical yard.  We play “The Cape” song.  We weep.  We put on our own adult capes and trust that there will be other adults that will fight for these children to live a childhood they are meant to live.  If you are the ‘beyond our magical yard’ adult/teacher/parent/caregiver, can you please look after their childhood for us?  Can you set your own wild heart free and advocate for them?  Can you carry on the job we have started?  We pass the cape to you.  Please trust it.  The children are counting on you.

I have more stories about my cape that I will share in the future.  But for now, go listen to the song and weep a little with me.

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